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Concept & Design

Whether you’re in the early planning stages or have already conceived your graphic
requirements, D•Sign Studio can help actualize your vision with clarity and distinction.
Our 15 years of direct experience with environmental and exhibit design and fabrication
allows us to engage with our client’s vision to produce high quality and creative graphic
experiences. As an example, we produced a tradeshow exhibit for Ambr Eyewear for them to use at their first tradeshow in the United States after they expanded here from Ireland and the UK. Now that they sell across the USA and Canada, they decided to have a presence at industry events, and we were hired to design and produce their exhibit materials. We chose to feature the Ambr Zenith (https://ambreyewear.com/products/zenith). D•Sign Studio pays special attention to the principles of graphic design
including color, composition, perspective and media.

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Concept (kon ‘sept), n. – An original idea or design conceived in the mind which forms
the basis for the start of a process or a plan of action. Design (di-zin’), v. – The art of
producing and originating a graphic based on the conceived abstract.

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